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Top Graphic Design Services

Here are the top graphic design services you can hire today. Graphic design as an industry has been making a big shift within the last decade. People used to hire in-house graphic designers for most of their general graphic design needs. Whether it’s a logo, business card design, or general marketing materials, you typically have an in-house designer (usually an intern) to take care of.

Later in the 2010 decade with the internet booming, the model has changed. Nowadays, businesses are looking online to hire graphic designers. Sure there’s still a place for in-house designers, but you’re more specialized. The needs have changed. In-house designers nowadays are hired for very specialized purposes such as UX/UI or for complex branding projects.

You simply don’t hire a designer to help out with general design needs anymore. Given the cost of payroll, insurances, and the time commitment to onboard a new designer, most businesses simply can’t justify the cost.

That’s why online graphic design services are taking off. Below are the best graphic design services we recommend you give a try this year.

1. 99 Design

99 Design is a crowdsourcing platform that lets you create competition. You pay a flat fee of about $299 usually for a logo design. 99 Design pitches that to a pool of designers and you receive drafts from varying artists. You then choose your favorite, submit revisions, and move forward.

The price is one-time for each competition created and each design category has a different price point.

2. Penji

Penji offers unlimited graphic design services for a flat monthly rate of $399/month. Unlike 99 design it’s not a competition, instead, it’s a subscription service. Think of it as Netflix for Graphic design. After signing up, you get access to an online portal where you can submit as many design projects as you want, and they’ll assign your projects to the best designers available.

You get your drafts back, submit revisions, and download all source files once you’re happy. It’s a great model and definitely good value if you have a lot of design needs.

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3. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancer hiring platform where you can post a job and then interview candidates yourself. Rates are fairly cheap as most of the workers here are from off-shore. You can hire a freelancer for just about anything including graphic design.

Typical rates can range from $5/hr – $50/hr depending on seniority and skill level. Upwork is a great platform to hire a designer if you have the time commitment to manage and work the night-shift with your designer.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is similar to Upwork, except you’re buying a “gig” for $5. On Fiverr, you can hire anyone to do just about anything, very similar to Upwork. Except you’re not hiring that person specifically via hourly rate. But just for that one specific gig, usually for $5 per gig.

Gigs do typically end up costing more than just $5, but for the most part, you can expect to spend $5 – $50 per graphic design gig. There are designers on Fiverr who can whip up a logo for you for $5 – $10 with limited revisions.

The nice thing about Fiverr is that you don’t need to manage the designer or communicate much with them. The downside is that you will usually get what you pay for. So you can’t expect high-quality design work for just $5, you need to adjust your expectations.

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Written by Henderson Miller


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